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Fashion pieces needing bigger size wearers

The culture has conditioned us for a long time that it is the slender and thin body shapes that can wear fashion well.   This is fallacious because fashion designs are playing with different themes and materials.  It is about innovation.   There is no fixed rule that says only small sizes wear fashion pieces well.  Because of the need for newness, fashion needs both small as much as bigger sizes to express the designs.   Myths about why slender wearers are preferred   Slender body shapes are desirable to fashion designers when the designs are to play with the draping quality of the fabrics.  Slender wearers then give the space for movement of the fabrics to play out the draping quality and the draping...

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Does dressing well matter at workplace?

The prevalent style trend seems to casual wear, in the name of comfort.  In the last few year, athleisure style dominates the fashion scene. People at office wear casual and be gym ready every day, not only on Friday.  Dressing well for work seems to count less nowadays for different reasons, athleisure trend or because workplace becomes more casualized.     Will there be a swing back away from casual wear to more formal dressing at workplace?   Does dressing well matter to you, and to those around in the workplace?   Here are 5 reasons why dressing well does matter at workplace.    Clients should be reminded visually that they are being treated as clients.  Whilst smart casual or casual wear...

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Styling for job interviews

Graduate position job interviews can be very stressful because the stake is high and the competition is keen.  Wearing right and get ready for it anytime can remove much of the stress, especially for entry level professionals, and executive roles.  Be yourself and be at ease is the key, so one can carry herself with ease and present confidently and comfortably.  Interviewers look for the right person, who can focus on the real discussion, on substance, and so can get work done.  Try not to stress out over what to wear for interviews.   Just see tips below.  1. Don't pair blazer with white shirt   Almost 10 out of 10 entry level graduate applicants go to interview with black suits and...

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