Does dressing well matter at workplace?

The prevalent style trend seems to casual wear, in the name of comfort.  In the last few year, athleisure style dominates the fashion scene. People at office wear casual and be gym ready every day, not only on Friday.  Dressing well for work seems to count less nowadays for different reasons, athleisure trend or because workplace becomes more casualized.  


Will there be a swing back away from casual wear to more formal dressing at workplace?   Does dressing well matter to you, and to those around in the workplace?   Here are 5 reasons why dressing well does matter at workplace. 


  1. Clients should be reminded visually that they are being treated as clients.

 Whilst smart casual or casual wear can be permissible in most workplaces nowadays, it is still an inevitable part of the culture that clients want to feel that those providing service to them communicate seriousness in the way they dress.   That is why uniforms are so important to air hostess, and frontline workers at retail banks.   Dressing well communicates seriousness and an attitude of service provision.    

 For executives, professionals, bankers and office workers, of course, they have the privilege of wearing what they like.   There is no requirement to wear uniform.  Still, the boundary ought not be crossed from wearing well, to just wearing jeans and T-shirt.    The reason of course is that dressing is the easiest reminder to clients of an attitude of seriousness and business like.   It is greatly facilitating one’s performance of work to dress well because it is essential that clients feel that they are taken seriously and that we are there to serve them.  Dressing well at workplace is the easiest way to say to clients that they are clients and are to be served.   Of course there are more to dressing well to make clients feel that they are being served well.  The suggestion is that dressing well is a visual reminder and is a way that works most directly.  This explains why blazers and suits are all the times the only kind  of  business attire, for men and women alike.


  1. Dressing well communicates an ability to work well, to take care of work, things and clients well.

 Being able to wear well each day and preferably differently each day does make a difference internally at the workplaces.   This carries with it an ability to look after oneself well.   Only when one looks after oneself well can look after other things, work, clients and other people.   This is a good quality that the employers and team leaders are always looking for, because ultimately work requires ability to take care of things, and people.   Creating a strong impression that one stays well, and can look after oneself well is definitely part of showing an ability to work well. 


  1. Wearing fashionably means an ability to be connected.

It means that you are keen to stay connected with others.  When one is outgoing, they normally are not left behind in trends, or at least, they do not want to be seen as outdated.   Hence, wearing fashionably project a quality of good ability to communicate, to stay connected and to be open minded.  All these are no doubt good quality that any team leader is looking for in his or her team. 


  1. Tailored clothing upgrades one’s look readily

 Looking smart can generally help at workplaces.  Tailored and structured clothing is basically clothing that was tailored to upgrade one’s look.    Basically, tailored clothing is aimed to flatter one’s body.  Structured jackets make one look instantly smarter because there are straight and sharp lines created.   That is why business attire has no knitwear in place. Suiting and jackets are all woven materials sewn in a structured way, calculated to flatter the body and create clean sharp lines.   


  1. Dressing well is an exercise of one’s absolute freedom

 In this world, we are expected to act in a certain way in every aspect of life.  Absolute freedom can only be found in limited areas.  Fashion is definitely an area that most people can exercise absolute freedom. For executives, professionals, banker and office workers, why not exercise the freedom to choose to wear nicely each day.   Making an effort to wear nice and appropriate to the occasions instead of wearing sweaters, jeans and pants in the name of comfort is something that pleases oneself most because it is a conscious exercise of a valuable and absolute freedom. 

Absolute freedom is something quite hard to exist in other area of life, right? Freedom to choose what to wear and be different each day is a privilege awaiting each of us to exercise well.