Fashion pieces needing bigger size wearers

The culture has conditioned us for a long time that it is the slender and thin body shapes that can wear fashion well.   This is fallacious because fashion designs are playing with different themes and materials.  It is about innovation.  

There is no fixed rule that says only small sizes wear fashion pieces well.  Because of the need for newness, fashion needs both small as much as bigger sizes to express the designs.


Myths about why slender wearers are preferred


  1. Slender body shapes are desirable to fashion designers when the designs are to play with the draping quality of the fabrics.  Slender wearers then give the space for movement of the fabrics to play out the draping quality and the draping designs of the pieces.  Not all designs are focused on quality of fabric, not to mention draping effect of fabrics.   


  1. Slender wearers have less of curves which means that the lines, shapes, silhouettes and fabric patterns underlying the fashion pieces will not be distracted or distorted by curves.  The garment pieces can be presented just as it was designed to be.  For example, when the fabrics are striped, a rounder shape will reduce the collective impact of the entire look in stripes.  When it is on the runway, it is for the designers to make the largest impact and shout out loud the point of a particular design.   Hence, some slightly curves in the body can reduce such impact.  Of course in terms of everyday wearing (as opposed to runway), stripes are even more suitable for bigger sizes.   


When are bigger sizes wearing fashion more beautifully than slender body?


  1. There are many instances where in fact bigger sizes reflect a design better than slenderer bodies.  First, it is when the design is to play with fabric patterns.  The patterns are manifested more amply in a bigger size body.  The whole point of fashion design is to play out the idea underlying the design.  If a fabric pattern is make of larger patterns, the more the bigger size body shape carries the pieces well.   A slender body cannot have enough extension to display the pattern.


  1. Secondly when a design is to play with the texture of a fabric, then larger size body is preferred.  Texture of a fabric includes the weaving structure, the appliques and fibre on the fabric.  These qualities have visual elements and they are very fine.  It is better to display such quality in an extended structure.  Just like the Verona wool blended blazer of Refined here, it is a fabric with Lurex application ie metallic threads built in the fabric to form checks.  A larger frame is a better display of such visual quality.   Bigger sizes wear well this style, and in fact basically all designs that play with fabric pattern.   (On the other hand, the smaller frames wear better those blazers made of Japanese crepes eg., Francisco crepe blazer, here because for those designs it is the draping quality of the fabric that are being played with).


  1. There are designs which play with layers, forms, shapes.  Then it is the bigger sizes who carry these designs well.  Some designs are playing with building up a shape that is different from the natural body shape.  It is the shapes that helps the design and the garment stands out as it is not natural body shape.  Stiffer fabrics are usually used to make the fabric stand out from the body to form extensions and shapes.  It is the bigger sizes who can complement such designs because they have more curves and the necessary frames to help with the fabric extending.  Same with layers, and ruffles, with a slender body, all these just draped downwards.  But with a bigger size, the layers and ruffles can create the desired volumes.  


It is just a myth and mistake belief that slender body wears fashion better.  Each type carries different designs respectively well.   It is just a working with the intended designs.  When picking fashion pieces, one can try to go behind to figure the designers’ ideas – what is it that the designer is playing with in each piece?